factors to consider when buying a laptop

Factors to consider when buying a PC or Laptop for a psychology course

The first things to consider before purchasing a laptop are the physical aspects of the laptop. If you are travelling a good distance to come to college five days out of the week you don’t want to be carrying a big heavy laptop. So I suggest that you go for a smaller lightweight laptop this way it will be much easier for you to carry around and you will not be weighed down.

Another aspect to consider are what tasks you will be carrying out on the laptop. For a psychology course you will be doing lots of essays so will need to have a laptop with good memory to store all your word documents and pdf files.  The type of memory needed to be able to carry out these tasks is called RAM (random access memory) I recommend that the laptop should have at least 4GB (gigabytes) of RAM, this should be enough as you are now able to save files on the cloud. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the laptop has a USB port so that you can use USB keys with additional work.

It is also important that the laptop is quick and efficient at completing the tasks required, as you will have many programmes running at the same time. In order for it to be quick it’s essential that the laptop has a CPU (central processing unit) speed of 2.1 Ghz (gigahertz).

The laptop should have a decent graphic card so that programmes such as adobe photoshop can run at a high quality. This will make the graphics clearer.  

It is important that the laptop has a long lasting battery as you do not want to be having to constantly charge your laptop during lectures or while trying to do your work. Try and look for a laptop with a battery life of 6 hours or more.

Finally the price of the laptop is a really big factor to consider being a college student and all. I think that a budget between €350-400 is more than enough to get a laptop with all the aspects I have mentioned above. 


Article Summary

Panasonic’s solar-powered table wirelessly charges your gadgets


This article is about a new way of charging your phone and any other electrical devices which have Qi battery. This product was developed by Panasonic and is hoped to be available in japan by the end of the year. It is the first wireless version of inductive charging which is handy because there are no plugs involved in charging the phone all you have to do is place it down and let the table do the work. It works through solar energy so it’s important that the panels aren’t blocked by anything such as a vase of flowers in order to maximise the amount of sun it receives.  Another aspect of the product is that the tables charging panel connects straight to the battery so that you don’t have to have the battery in the phone to charge it. 

I think that this table is a really good idea for not only coffee shops but also to have in work places and colleges, as many employees and students may have their own laptops or phones which they work off and it would be a much easier way for them to work and not have to carry their chargers around with them.



Phone-Charging Glasses Powered By the Sun

This is another article that I found on alternative methods of charging your phone without needing any plugs and sockets. Sayalee Kaluskar working in advertising in India has come up with the idea of these new glasses which are able to charge your phone. She is working alongside Ray Ban so that the glasses are still stylish and wearable. The glasses work by carrying photovoltaic cells wired to a battery hidden within the plastic arms of the standard-issue and classic Ray Bans. These cells charge the battery while you are wearing the glasses in the sun, then when you want to charge your phone all you have to do is take off the arm of the glasses which reveals a microUSB or lightening connector that you plug into your phone and it gives the battery a boost.

I like this idea because I think they would be really useful while you are on holidays because you will actually get sun abroad not like Ireland and then you don’t have to worry about having an adapter for you charger. I also like the fact that Sayalee Kaluskar is working with Ray Ban so that glasses will not only be functional but look nice too.



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